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Mission Statement: “To promote, conserve and manage nature in all its diversity balancing human needs with the environment on a sustainable basis for posterity - ensuring maximum community participation with due cognizance of the linkages between economics, environment and ethics through a process in which people are both the principal actors and beneficiaries.”

NTNC’s mission of promoting, managing and conserving nature in all its diversity in Nepal is supported by the following guiding principles:

  •  Always ensuring a balance between human needs and the environment to guarantee long-term sustainability;
  • Always ensuring maximum community participation with people recognized both as the actors and clients; and ensuring equity and gender sensitivity in all its work;
  • Always linking economic, environmental and ethical factors in conservation activities;
  • Always managing operations based on sound business oriented principles (high quality work, efficiency, effectiveness, quick decision making based on facts/evidence, client oriented, responsive to environmental changes and requirements);
  • Always working towards fostering strong partnerships with various stakeholders (community, Government, civil society and international stakeholders) so as to ensure quality in all its activities and conforming to client requirements; and
  • Always abiding by principles of good governance.