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VISION: "A prosperous country where development flourishes by valuing, respecting and conserving nature."

Mission Statement: “To conserve, manage and promote nature in all its diversity that cultivates innovation, and enhance social equity and quality of life.”

Guiding Principles:

To achieve its vision and mission, NTNC is guided by the following key principles. The Guiding Principles determine methodologies employed to optimise its results and build on the rich experiences it has over the past four decades. The guiding principles are:

  • Strive for a balance between human needs and the environment to foster sustainable development;
  • Ensure meaningful community participation with people recognised both as principal actors and beneficiaries;
  • Value innovation, science and technology with emphasis on evidence-based decisions;
  • Management based on zero tolerance to corruption and other prohibited practices;
  • Safeguard quality, transparency and accountability in all activities; 
  • Ensure gender equality and social inclusion;
  • Leverage mutual strengths of the government and conservation partners;
  • Align with national and international conservation goals and priorities.