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Adaptation to climate change is at core of NTNC’s climate focused programs. These programs focus on reducing the vulnerability of the local communities and ecosystems. Most of NTNC’s adaptation programs concentrate on activities prioritized by National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) such as integrated management of agriculture, water, forest and biodiversity, disaster risk reduction and empowering vulnerable communities and enhancing their adaptive capacity. NTNC emphasizes on use of proven local knowledge and promotion of nature based solutions such as use of bio-engineering in its adaptation programs. Through formulation and implementation of Local Adaptation Plans of Action (LAPA), diversifying livelihood opportunities, climate proofing of community infrastructures and climate awareness scores of vulnerable communities including natural resource dependent local communities, indigenous groups and women have benefitted. NTNC is currently in the process of accreditation to the Green Climate Fund which will be important for financing future adaptation programs in Nepal.