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Nepal continues to suffer deeply from the social and economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic. The impending situation has already taken a huge toll on NTNC's overall efforts in protected area management, wildlife research and monitoring, and community development. Our own revenue streams, which depend significantly on tourism and donor resources, have fallen sharply. This has restricted our ability to put in place the much needed investments and support systems for enabling biodiversity conservation and protected-area communities.

At this hour of crisis, NTNC would like to appeal to your kindlier senses and generosity. We would like to invite you to come forward in any capacity you can to ensure that our conservation efforts over the past four decades are not pushed back. No amount of support is small here. Reach out to and help us pave the way to a future that is nature-conscious, resilient and sustainable. Thank you.


T: +977-1-5526571, 5526573

Covid-19 Support Form