Health Service Support (HSS)

Access to basic health service is a crucial need of rural people living in remote areas as most of the NTNC project areas. In its project areas, where local people do not have access to health facilities, NTNC provides general health service and reproductive health service. With this program,

NTNC expects to improve the health condition of local people and motivate them to take part in conservation activities.

Project-wise focus programs:
General and reproductive health program aims at delivering better approach to health care for the local people. Activities include conducting health camps and providing general health services to the local people in remote areas and where no regular health services are available.

MCAP has been providing general health services to local people since its inception. As far as possible, health staff visits patients home to provide emergency services also. Mobile camps are organized to aware local people on the issues of health and hygiene. MCAP provides material support to local health institutions.

Under health and sanitation program, endowment fund has been established for Pancharatna Health Center, Bacchauli Community Sub-Health Post, Saheed Ganesh Sub-Health Post and Patihani Sub-Health Post. The fund along with the regular income contribute towards the sustainable operation of these health centers.

Community health centers have been established in the southwestern buffer zone. Endowment fund has been provided to sustain the health centers which would directly benefit local people who totally depend on these centers for basic health services.

To improve general health, regular health check-up programs are conducted and medicines are provided free of cost. SCP also provides mother and child health care training to women volunteer health workers