Agriculture and Livestock Development (ALD)

Agriculture is the main occupation of the local people of NTNC project areas. The farming system is traditional and heavily dependent on natural resources. But the production is subsistence. So, NTNC focuses on enterprising agriculture while strongly discouraging the use of pesticides and other chemicals.

As a conservation organization, we promote organic and integrated agriculture (agro-forestry).

Project-wise focus programs:
Agriculture and livestock development program is an important feature as many people in the region still depend on it. By the diversifying agriculture production and livestock to enhance the agriculture based rural income, activities under this program ranges from multipurpose nursery operation, introduction of field tested improved varieties of crops through conservation farmers, promoting cash crops and fruit tree plantation at local level, improved breed selection and veterinary services are carried out.

The agriculture development program aims to enhance the skills of local conservation farmers so that they become self-sufficient and capable to increase the productivity of their marginal land. They are trained to establish private nursery and on conservation farming practices so that they become the demonstrators for other farmers to follow. The conservation farmers are supported with the required agricultural tools and new variety of seeds to test on their farm lands.

Livestock development and vaccination program is initiated to reduce the number of unproductive livestock and to minimize risk of transferable diseases from livestock to wildlife and vice versa. Moreover, BCC has also introduced and distributed improved hybrid animals such as bulls, buffaloes and goats. Endowment fund for the Padampur Veterinary Center has been established for long-term sustainability of the center.

BCP is promoting and providing various supports to the farming of income-generating crops which are unpalatable to wildlife with the dual objective of promoting enterprising agriculture and reducing crop damage by the wildlife. BCP encourages local people to form Co-operatives and also supports them to launch micro-enterprises.

Under agriculture program, seasonal and off seasonal vegetable farming training is organized for members of vegetable farming group. In addition, seed money is provided to sustain the program after the termination of project support. Under the livestock development program, veterinary training has been provided to the reserve’s veterinarian and financial support has been granted to establish a veterinary medicine center at Badaipur. A revolving fund has been established for the center to procure required medicines.