Wild Elephant Victim Families Provided Immediate Relief

Wild Elephant Victim Families Provided Immediate Relief


Two of the victims' families from Saptari's Hanumanagar-Kankalini Municipality in Rajbiraj, who had lost their lives in a recent wild elephant attack case on April 4, were provided with relief amount of Rs. 50,000 each.  Families of the victims, Mr. Roshan Kumar Jha (age 22) and Mr. Sanjay Kumar Safi (age 32), collected the relief extended by the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC) in response to the tragic incident.

The relief amount being dispatched on April 23  was executed by Mr. Deepak Kumar Singh, Director at NTNC and was handed over by Mr. Dhirendra Prasad Singh, DFO Saptari at the District Forest Office in Saptari. Other participants present during the relief distribution function organized to commemorate the deceased victims included—Mr. Shyam Kumar Shah, Warden KTWR;  Megh Dhoj Adhikari, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, NTNC; Birendra Gautam, Program Officer, NTNC; along with victim family members, local political party representatives and reporters, CFUG representatives and other community members.

Wild elephant attacks across the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (KTWR) is evidence of the ever-increasing incidents of human-wildlife conflicts across the country. Being a major challenge for many local communities and conservationists, as a response, the Government of Nepal (GoN) has charged NTNC to manage the country's Human-Wildlife Conflict Management Fund.

With the extended relief, both of the victims' families have agreed to allocate the relief amount for enhancing livelihood. While Mr. Chandrakanta Jha, father of Roshan, has plans to upgrade their existing medical store; Mrs. Sangeeta Devi Rajak, wife of Sanjay, looks forward to open a grocery utility store very soon.

Acknowledging the response efficiency of the Fund to extend immediate relief within two days of application, the DFO of Saptari and the victims' family members applauded NTNC's overall commitment to redress the burgeoning yet sensitive issue of human-wildlife adversity.